While these acts are good or neutral in and of themselves and serve another purpose entirely, they can still have the effect of causing one to become aroused. For every person, the answer can be different, according to his or her intent for doing the action. Any boy who has the intention of dancing with a girl in order to become aroused, or in order to arouse her, has already sinned against chastity and charity even though the dance itself might have been morally neutral.

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His intent was impure. Another example would be if that same boy found that while affectionately embracing his girlfriend he became aroused, and he continued to embrace her with the intent of further arousing himself or arousing her, even though the embrace itself was nothing at all impure.

The boy who modestly kisses a girl and becomes aroused, but does not intend the arousal has not sinned even venially.

Nor does he sin if he remains aroused, but does not will or desire the arousal. However, as soon as he begins to enjoy the arousal or desire it, then it is time to stop whatever action is causing the arousal, even if it is a morally good or neutral action.

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